Very Denniee Nails :): August 2013

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

31 Day Challenge: Attempt 2!

I saw this on Chalkboard Nails today and I really want to give this a try!  It'd be a good way to get back into doing my nails and challenging myself (and getting back into blogging :D)  So look forward to it!  I know I am.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Random Ramblings of a Chemist.

Random thought:  As a chemist, I find myself dealing with large amounts of toluene on a daily basis.  I use it as a solvent for the HPLC (a way to purify chemicals) quite often.  It kind of amuses me to see "toluene free" on polish bottles now.  It's also amusing how I can distinguish the specific scent of toluene now. :P

Sorry, no actual nail porn today guys :(  Hopefully everyone who's reading this has had a good summer so far (and my condolences to those who've already started school).

I've been very busy trying to balance my job, lab internship, getting back into working out, and studying for GREs.  I'm also working through some possible health issues, so bear with me :(   I've been feeling pretty exhausted at the end of each day, and sadly, I'm not sure why.  I've been doing my nails (hardly a day goes by where they're unpainted), but I haven't had the time or motivation to take decent pictures of them.

Hopefully posting little blurbs on my blog from time to time will help me ease back into blogging.  I do miss it...

Until I do get back to blogging, see what's on my nails on my instagram! Yes, I have an instagram now...who would have thought?  I'm actually kind of embarrassed about it.  Follow me @dennieesnails :)