Very Denniee Nails :): September 2013

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

31DC2013: Day 6 - Purple

I know, I know...I said I would try to keep up with the challenge, and here I am at the end, and I haven't even done 1 week's worth of challenges.  Well, today I have one last design I managed to do on time.  I actually had forgotten that my boyfriend and I planned to go on a trip earlier this month, so I couldn't do my nails while I was away.

Here are my purple nails.  I managed to keep these nails perfect throughout the vacation, which as many of you know is near impossible to do!  By the time I took these off, you could see a good half a centimeter of growth at the base, but very minimal tipwear :)  Proud of my wear time on these.

The design was simple: I painted one coat of the base lilac color, then I freehanded a diagonal tip using the dark purple.  Finally, I used a striper brush to brush on the gold (it looks like silver, but it really is gold).

Colors Used:
Sally Hansen - Grape Race
China Glaze - Grape Pop
Sally Hansen - Golden-I

Thursday, September 5, 2013

31DC2013: Day 5 - Blue

Hey guys!  Glad that I managed to get this mani in before the night was over.  I'll keep this post short since I have to leave the house now!  I love these two colors together, they both have lovely shimmer :)

This pic best shows the shimmer

Colors Used:
Essence - I Love Bad Boys
Essence Date in the Moonlight

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Day 4 - Green

Alright, here is day 4's mani, based off the color green.  I'm quite happy with the result :)  This mani is based off of the Nailsaurus'  waterfall mani.  This was really quite easy to do; I basically painted the base color, and then semi-randomly placed the stripes of the different colors at the base of my nail with a striper brush. I love how it looks on the nail!  It reminds me of grass or hula skirts.

Colors used:
Zoya - Jacqueline
Essie - Navigate Her
Essie - Mojito Madness
American Apparel - Hunter

As a reminder, these are the challenges for the rest of the month.  Stay tuned for tomorrow's post!

First Nail Post in a Long Time! #31DC2013

I'm excited to say that I have many pictures ready to post and talk about!  And just to let you know, I haven't been slacking on the 31 Day Challenge, either.  I've just been a bit too occupied to actually post the pictures.

So I present days 1-3 of the 31 Day Challenge :)

Here's day 1's mani.  I didn't have a design in mind, and I didn't want to just go with straight red color (I want to challenge myself!), so I decided to practice my stamping!  Not too shabby, since I don't often stamp.

Colors used:
Zoya - Rehka
Color Club - Cosmic Fate

This is day 2's mani.  I decided to keep practicing my stamping, since it's such a useful technique in nail art.  You can see that this stamping didn't turn out as nice looking...I guess this color combination wasn't as forgiving as the last one.

Colors used:
Zoya - Arizona
American Apparel - Hassid

Lastly, I present day 3's mani.  One more day of practicing my stamping.  You can see that this one is much better than the last one.  The lines are much clearer and the pattern transferred entirely.  I'm so proud of these; I couldn't stop looking at them!  I was very excited about this one, since giraffes are awesome and I love them.  :)  I love the effect that the subtle print gives off.

Colors used:
Sally Hansen Insta-dry - Man-go Team!
Zoya - Pippa

That's it for this post.  Don't worry, I have the next mani done.  I haven't fallen behind yet!  I just didn't want to jam too much into my first post back.  Plus, these 3 kind of group nicely together since they're all stamping.  So keep alert for the next mani sometime tonight :)