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About Me

As I've said, I'm an undergraduate at UC Davis, currently in my third year and studying chemistry.  I work a part-time job in an on-campus computer lab, and I'm also dipping my feet in some chemistry lab research.  In my limited free time I like to (obviously) do my nails, draw, eat good food, shop, hangout with friends, and all that good stuff.  I also like to do many kinds of DIY projects!  I'm just your ordinary girl.

The main sport I do is dragonboat, a sport that's kind of like crew but more like OC outrigger canoes (if you know what those are).  There are 22 people in a boat (1 steersperson, 1 drummer that calls out timing from the front), and everyone paddles in the same rhythm.  It's a great team sport! :)  The history of dragonboating is based in Chinese history, so if you're interested, you should look it up!  It's actually quite interesting (or at least, I found it interesting)

Lining up for a race!

My homies <3

I also have three adorable little guinea pigs, all of them are still youngins (under 5 months old!).  They are (from oldest to youngest): Minnie (short for Minerva), Chewy (Chewbacca), and Bella (Bellatrix, who we all just call Baby).  I love playing and taking care of them; they are the most gentle and cutest things ever, and I think they are often under-appreciated due to their shy and skittish nature.

This is Minnie, isn't she a cutie? :D
Bella, my little one <3
Chewy's got an awesome T-rex ridge of fur going down her back!
If you ever want to contact me privately, my email is dennieechan[at]gmail[dot]com.  Look forward to hearing from everyone!

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