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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sealed With a Kiss!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!   I hope everyone had a good day, regardless of relationship status.  This day should remind everyone to appreciate love around them, not only in a significant other, but also in friends and family.  Today I have a special mani to show you guys.  Normally I'm not huge on pink and overly girl, resulting in this mani:

Obviously it's still a Vday mani, what with the heart and kiss mark.  However, it's a more subtle approach.  My inspiration for this design comes from the idea of someone pouring their heart into writing a love letter, finally sealing it with a kiss.  The brown is supposed to be something like a coffee stain or something, to show how much the letter was toiled over.  I guess it kind of looks like blood too...someone really put their soul into this letter...

Okay, that tangent took a surprisingly creepy turn.  The white base was China Glaze Snow, and to get the text on my nails, I simply soaked a piece of newspaper in rubbing alcohol and pressed it against my nail for a minute or so.  I figured out that the harder I pressed, the more text transferred!  Haha, imagine that ^_^;;;  After transferring the text, I painted on the lips, heart, and stains using a small striper brush.  The red is Essie Ole' Caliente, and the brown is Essie Mink Muffs.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post!  Until next time :)

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