Very Denniee Nails :): Comparison: Sally Hansen Infinity Band vs. Golden-I vs. Fergie by Wet N' Wild Grammy Gold

Monday, August 13, 2012

Comparison: Sally Hansen Infinity Band vs. Golden-I vs. Fergie by Wet N' Wild Grammy Gold

Here's a comparison requested by Raechelly!  These are 3 drugstore brand golds.  Golden-I is from the Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear line, Infinity Band is a LE from Sally Hansen Diamond Strength, and Grammy Gold is from the new Fergie by Wet N' Wild collection.

First impression from the bottle shot: Grammy Gold is a lot smoother than the other 2, with Infinity Band with the coarsest particles.  Infinity Band is paler than the other 2, Golden-I looks to be the most warm-toned.

From left to right: Grammy Gold, Golden-I, Infinity Band

At the first coat, Grammy Gold is the most opaque.  It could probably be a one-coater if you were careful.  However, I hate the brush on it; it's quite similar to the Sally Hansen Complete Salon brush.  Grammy Gold is the slowest to dry.

Grammy Gold on pointer and ring.  Infinity band on middle.  Golden-I on thumb and pinky.

Golden-I and Infinity Band look to be pretty similar; both are a shade lighter than Grammy Gold, which is warmer and more saturated than the other 2.  Grammy Gold actually has the largest, chunkiest particles, and Infinity Band had the smoothest finish.  All 3 applied pretty well, with Golden-I having the thinnest formula, and Grammy Gold with the thickest.

Final verdict:  You really don't need all three of these.  The two Sally Hansens are pretty much the same, there is no real difference on the nail.  If you want a one-coater, the Fergie polish is the way to go.  It'd probably be good for stamping.  However, the brush kind of puts me off the Fergie; it's just way too big to handle neatly.


  1. Hey! It's Rachaelly. I hope you didn't think I'd forgotten about you!

    I've been stupid-busy the past month. I was on vacation, and then vacation ended, and I had to move back to school. And then school started and I've got a pretty heavy course load for this semester.

    Your post was so helpful, so thank you very much for tracking down Grammy Gold and doing the comparison for me!

    I'd love to send you White Veil if you still want it!

  2. Oh shoot, I think I may have deleted one of your comments by accident (luckily I read it first). I'm glad I could help you in making a decision! That's stupid-crazy how they're charging $8 a bottle for those Fergie polishes. If you still have the bottle of White Veil and are willing to send it out to me, I'd love it! Email me privately for contact info (my email is on my 'about me' page).


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