Very Denniee Nails :): Sally Hansen Nail Polish Strips - Purrfect Harmony

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sally Hansen Nail Polish Strips - Purrfect Harmony

Hey guys!  I won't be able to polish myself for the next week due to moving, so all the posts this week are older ones I didn't get a chance to post earlier.  I decided that this was the perfect opportunity to try out the nail polish strips I bought a couple weeks ago.

The box came with a small file, about 14 nail strips in varying sizes, a cuticle stick, and some instructions.  Me, being the impatient person I am, didn't read the instructions carefully enough and messed up the first strip.  D'oh!  Purr-fect Harmony is a rainbow of leopard spots on a silver background, with the spots progressing through the rainbow in a gradient.

Left hand

I thought these were a bit difficult to apply at first, but after a while, I (kind of) got the hang of it.  However, I did have to do some cutting with scissors to get some of them to fit properly.  I had a lot of leftover strips after doing my fingertips, so I did my toes too!  I'll spare you guys the sight of my toes...

Gasp!  The rarely seen right hand.  I actually like the colors on this hand better than on the other hand :)

In the end, I had 1 whole strip left, even after wasting a couple.  It's just too bad that you can't save these; once you open the plastic container, these things are exposed to air and start drying.  I put on topcoat over the strips, due to habit, but I don't think that was the best decision.  some of the edges are lifting up now.  Oh well, hoping it still stays on for the entire week.

Final verdict: I actually find that doing my own mani is much more relaxing than using these strips, but I really like this design.  I know that leopard spots are really easy to do, but I could never do them, so these strips are a great way for me to wear this design!  They're so colorful too!  it combines gradients and animal print, love!  It's also a good quick manicure for vacation and such, where you don't want to bring along all your manicure supplies.  Next time I use these, I might try to get an entire manicure out of half the strips, to try to preserve the strips.  It's definitely do-able, if you have nails that are a bit shorter.


  1. I may just be blind, but I'm not seeing a gradient. Did you mean between each nail or the leopard spot on each nail? Sorry about the confusion. Loving your blog! Found you on Reddit :)

  2. Ohh awesome! Welcome to my little corner of the internet!

    There is a slight gradient across the nails, rather than up and down each nail. Notice how on some nails, there is a slight color shift from one side of the nail to the other? It's most noticeable on the right hand middle finger. It's not a dramatic gradient, but special enough to make me love these strips! I really wish I could get my hand on more of this pattern.


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