Very Denniee Nails :): 152. Essie - Butler Please

Monday, April 8, 2013

152. Essie - Butler Please

Hey guys!  I have a bunch of pictures of what I've been wearing, but I'm going to try to show you guys my most recent stuff, and save the others for slow times.  I've also been experimenting with lighting set ups.  My lightbox just wasn't producing the kind of pictures I wanted, and taking pictures with just my daybulb wasn't working either.  For some reason the pictures were all coming out with the wrong color balance.  I guess I just have to experiment.

For now, here's some pictures that I took outside.  Davis has been really nice and sunny recently (except today, which was violently windy), and I hope to take advantage of it more!  Springtime/Autumn in Davis is the nicest weather <3

Butler Please is the most beautiful cobalt blue cream.  It's very dark in that it is saturated, but it's bright like crazy!  They stand out from a mile away.  Wow!  Here's some nail art I did using Butler Please, and a picture of Butler Please by itself.

I actually think Butler Please may have some neon pigment in it.  It dried to a satin/matte finish, and only became glossy with topcoat.

This picture is just about color accurate.  This kind of cobalt blue is very hard to photograph, but I think this color comes very close.  Butler Please is extremely flattering on my skintone, and it is just the kind of color I love!  I believe this is 2 thick coats of Butler Please, with Poshe on top.  You may need 3 thinner coats, since it does drag, just the tiniest bit.

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