Very Denniee Nails :): 153. China Glaze - Mimosa's Before Mani's

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

153. China Glaze - Mimosa's Before Mani's

Mimosa's Before Mani's was one of the polishes I was looking forward to most from CG's spring collection!    Usually I don't like pinks too much, but if it leans peach or coral, I gotta have it!  Mimosa's is a peachy pink/coral with golden shimmer. And we all know how I am about that golden shimmer :)  The golden shimmer isn't really that apparent (especially in the picture below), but it does give the polish a slight glow, making the color a little warmer.

This color leans a little too peach.  Imagine a touch of orange in this swatch.
In most lights, it leans more orange.  My boyfriend even thought I was just wearing an orange polish on my toes :P  I can see myself wearing this a lot this year on my toes.  I love bright colors on my toes!  Even if I can only wear open-toed shoes 1-2 times a week, my polish will be cute :)

This swatch shows 2 thick coats, but 3 thin ones would probably be better.  The formula wouldn't self level, but topcoat takes care of all that.

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