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Sunday, December 2, 2012

114-118. Color Club Foiled Collection

This is one of the very few collections that I own in its entirety.  I love how you can randomly find entire Color Club collections at Ross for a mere 8 dollars!  Such a steal!  I mean, you may not always get the latest collections, but sometimes you score a lucky find :)

If I remember correctly, Foiled was released last fall (2011).  Foiled is a collection of 6 intense, saturated foils.  They're so sparkly and great for the holidays!  I think they'd be good for stamping, as quite a few of these are one-coaters.  All swatches are shown with no topcoat.

First is Antiquated, which I reviewed a while ago but am putting in here for consistency's sake.  Antiquated is such a lovely lovely nude, maybe champagne foil!  This is easily my favorite of the collection, and definitely an elegant color that I can't get enough of! Two coats.

Next is Perfect Mol-ten.  Dunno what they were going for with the name, but I can say that this is an interesting color.  This is a very blue-toned green that kind of reminds me of moss.  Two coats.

Hot Like Lava is a saturated bright pink/magenta foil.  As you guys probably know, I'm not too fond of pinks.  However, this one is bright enough that I might wear this one day.  It's quite punchy and almost in that berry color range that I love so much.  One coat. 

Foil Me Once is a pale blue-based pink foil.  Definitely not my cup of tea, but still a nice color (for some other lucky girl).  One thick coat.

Cold Metal is certainly a fitting name for this polish.  This is a very saturated dark blue foil that kind of reminds me of denim.  I actually think I prefer this color as a shimmer finish rather than a foil, it's so intense!  I still like this polish regardless!  One coat.

I keep wanting to call this polish Cinderella, but its real name is Lumini-cent.  This is a light silvery-blue foil that reminds me of the Cinderella Barbie I had when I was 6 or so.  Her dress was almost this exact color, and the foil finish reminds me of the satiny finish of the dress.  Aaahhh, good memories :)  One thick coat.

The formula on this collection was great.  Everything covered well, and the polish flowed so smoothly.  All of these pictures were with no clean up.  Polishes like these are why I love Color Club!  They're affordable and have some really nice colors :)

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