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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

120. Orly - Fowl Play

WOW.  I've finally got this polish!  I'm so glad to be getting such a long time lemming at long last.  And it has certainly met my expectations!

In case you guys haven't heard of this wonderful polish, Fowl Play is a lovely red-based purple jelly polish with color shifting flakies (much like Essie Shine of the Times, Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure, etc) with purple shimmer and a sparse blue-purple shimmer running throughout.  It's quite magical and gorgeous and I am in love!  I really love the touch of blue-purple shimmer, it adds a whimsical touch to the polish!

My original lemming wasn't actually Fowl Play though.  Originally I wanted OPI Merry Midnight.  But after discovering that it was HTF and only available on e(vil)bay, I almost gave up hope.  Not too long after, Orly released this beauty, which is almost an exact dupe if comparisons online are correct.

This last picture is an experiment I did.  Originally I did two coats of Fowl Play, but then I wondered how Shine of the Times would look on top.  The green shift of SotT kind of put me off the combination, but then I layered another coat of Fowl Play on top and it almost looked like the original, but with denser flakies.  So if Fowl Play isn't enough flaky goodness for you, you know what to do now :)

Swatch (2nd pic) is 2 coats.  2 coats is good and opaque, but a 3rd coat definitely helps deepen the color and intensifies the magical purple shimmer.

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