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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Fall Haul!

Cherry Culture, you finally got me!  I'd been eyeing the NYX polishes on Cherry Culture for at least half a year, but I'm very wary about online polish shopping.  However, about a month ago, had a sale on NYX products.  Me, being who I am, only had eyes for the nail polishes (although I hear their other products are very good as well).

I couldn't resist this sale, it was 25% off, on top of the already discounted polishes.  As a result, I got all of these for $2-2.50 each.  Quite the steal!  The only thing that bothered me about Cherry Culture is their long ship times.  I don't know if it was because of the size of the order or if they were backlogged, but it legitly took 3-4 weeks for me to get this order.  But they all came to me safe and sound, and that's what's important :)

However, there's a reason I don't online polish shop...which you will see once you see the pictures.

Pink Creams:
Dance in Havana
Coral Sensation (actually has a very fine gold shimmer)
Nude Peach

These would make quite the ombre manicure :)

Pink Metallics and Glitter:
Dreamy Glitter (star glitters yeeeeee)

As you can see, Shimmer and Roots are quite similar.  I thought they were dupes until I looked at them in direct light.

Sunny Tones:
Gold Glitter (irregular shaped gold flakes)
My Sunshine
Prismatic Gold (large holographic hex with small gold glitter)

Lux Green
Emerald Forest
Enchanted Forest
Enchanted Forest (no this is not a typo)

Emerald Forest and the first Enchanted Forest are quite similar, maybe differing in the amount of gold each has in it.  And then there are two polishes with the same name...(but from different lines) 

Creamy Teals:
Soft Teal
Pistachio (I thought pistachios were green...)

Luckily no dupes here :)  These would also make a nice ombre mani.  I am also kind of on the hunt for my perfect Tiffany's-blue.

Blue Glitters:
Be Jeweled
Under the Moon
Blue Glitter

Deep Blues:
Ink Heart
Blue Ink

Again, all very similar.  I love this color and it's very flattering.  Someone might be getting a nail polish for Christmas..

Golden Lavender (again, has that gold shimmer I love!)
Purple Glitter
Deep Space (the label on this was quite hard to read)

These didn't really fall into any other category:
Pastel Pistachio (now THIS is pistachio-colored)
Pastel Blue
Moonwalk (another polish with this name)

I don't like how NYX likes to reuse names in between their different lines...  I am very excited about this Moonwalk polish!

Milk Chocolate
Creme Glitter
Bronze Goddess

Milk Chocolate and Bronze Goddess are almost dupes but looks like they differ in the amount of red in each one.

Beige On Caffeine
Smooth Operator

Okay so three of these look like dupes...and Femme kind of looks like NYX Girls Moonwalk...

This is why I don't buy polish online...but I'm quite excited to try all of these!

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