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Friday, December 7, 2012

Like a Jolly Rancher~

Hey guys!  The end of the quarter and finals have been kicking my ass, but I'll soon all be able to do nails to my heart's content (and play video games, work on DIY projects, read...).  I say this every quarter, but I can't wait for this quarter to be over!  Until then, I will be posting manis from a little while ago.

Now that I've tried a jelly sandwich, I just wanna do more of them!  It's such an interesting look, and so simple to do!

I finally got to try out White Veil, sent to me by the lovely Raechelly!  Thank you so much for this awesome polish :)

I believe that this is 4 coats of Zoya Frida, with a coat of White Veil in between each coat of Frida and one on top.  8 layers of polish, baby!  I really do like how this mani came out :)

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