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Sunday, February 19, 2012

16. Essence - Choose Me!

Today's polish is a goodie from Essence called Choose Me!  Choose Me! is a teal cream with darker teal and golden-green shimmer.  Choose Me is actually so shimmer-packed that the pictures make it look like a foil.  This polish is absolutely gorgeous!  I got a lot of comments on this :)  I love the color teal and I love gold shimmer, so this is a definite favorite of mine!  It reminds me of sunlight reflected off of a clear lake, or looking down into the bottom of a pool.

I would say this polish is a little more green-toned in real life, with the brightness and shinyness of the first picture (look at how much that polish looks like a foil).  The first picture's a little bit too blue-toned though, and the second picture's a little bit too dark.  But look at that gold shimmer!  Awesome!

Application on this polish was fairly smooth.  I think Essence polishes work better with the Essie ridge-filling base coat, Fill the Gap!  When I used the Ulta polishes over Fill the Gap,  I got a lot of cuticle drag on the first coat.  With the Sally Hansens over the Essie, I got less dragging, but still noticeable bald spots.  The polishes would even out after 3 coats, but it still kind of bothered me.  However, the Essence polishes have no dragging whatsoever.  Shown above is 3 coats with a coat of Seche Vite on top.  Choose Me's drying time was faster than normal.

I really wish we had more Essence polishes available in the US.  I see swatches of the Essence polishes available in Europe, and there are just too many colors that I want from them!  Here, I can only find a small selection of 10 or so polishes at Ulta.  Some of the colors, like this one and Irreplaceable, are absolutely mesmerizing, but there are so many more in the Essence line that we just don't get here.

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