Very Denniee Nails :): 9. Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - 300 White On

Sunday, February 5, 2012

9. Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - 300 White On

White on is your typical kind of white cream polish.  It's a very soft white, not as chalky as some other white creams I've heard about.  Not much to say about the color of this one; I mostly bought it because it is a cheap white cream polish, and I don't have another white cream.

Application was horrible.  My bottle of White On is not very old, yet it was very thick.  I can't remember if the bottle started off with that consistency, or if it became like that because I didn't cap the bottle tight.  The thickness made it extremely hard to apply the polish evenly, or even in thin coats.  It just wouldn't cover my nail right.  I guess I should add a couple drops of thinner.

These pictures may make the polish look matte, but this is with Poshe on top.  I think it's just my lightbox maybe; I assure you, this color dries shiny :)

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