Very Denniee Nails :): 7. Sally Hansen Nail Prisms - Lapis Amethyst

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

7. Sally Hansen Nail Prisms - Lapis Amethyst

I originally got Lapis Amethyst as a replacement for my old bottle, which was all used up.  Back in middle school, Lapis Amethyst was my favorite color, and it was always on my nails.  I was really excited when I found TWO bottles of this at Ross in a set with some other Nail Prisms!  But then I looked at the bottle when I got home, and realized that it didn't look like my old bottle.  It was a lot more purple than blue, and I was disappointed.

However, I put this beauty on last night, and I am disappointed no longer!  In the bottle, the polish looks like a blue-toned purple with a slight flash of green.  However, this polish really comes to life on the nail!  This polish flashes from lavender to a grey-blue/teal color (the color it flashes depends partially on the lighting)!  It's a great color combination.  And if you look at it in the light, you can see little green sparkles peaking out from underneath all the colors!

These pictures do absolutely no justice to how surprisingly beautiful this polish is! :(  In fact, the first two look really similar to Lavender Pearl, don't they?  Well, the last picture is definitely different!

This polish applied nice and easy.  The coats were smooth and pigmented, and no cuticle drag.  The formula is typical Sally Hansen: a little bit on the watery side.  Shown here is 2 coats of Lapis Ametyst over 1 coat of WnW Black Creme.

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