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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

17. Essence - Irreplaceable

Today, I'm wearing Essence's Irreplaceable.  Irreplaceable is a sand-colored cream polish with gold shimmer.  The shimmer seems to be mostly gold, with some green and orange tones in certain lights.  The base is beige with a little bit of brown and grey thrown in.  This one is another favorite of mine.  Usually, I get bored of nudes fairly fast, but this one has a little something extra that keeps it interesting.    Again, I absolutely LOVE gold shimmer; it can spice up any nail polish color.

Application of Irreplaceable was smooth; no bald spots or dragging.  When I first got this polish, I was wondering if I'd actually get full coverage, or if it'd be sheer, but this polish is wonderfully opaque with 3 coats. You can still see the tiniest bit of VNL in the pictures, but you can't really see that in real life.
I really like the formula of Essence polishes, but I don't really like their brush.  It's a little too puffy and makes the polish get all over my cuticles.  I've gotten used to their brush, but it isn't my favorite (my favorite is the OPI pro-wide brush).

Irreplaceable is a very work-safe without being boring.  I think normally, such a cool-toned color would not look very flattering on my skin, but the gold shimmer gives the polish a little extra warmth that makes the polish look nice on me.  I remember when me and my bestie went to Ulta and saw this, we freaked out and grabbed this polish immediately; we liked it that much at first sight.  I'm very glad it did not disappoint :)  I really wish these Colour & Go polishes came in bigger bottles, so I wouldn't have to worry about using it all up.  I guess it's lucky that they're not LEs.

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