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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Nail Art: Aqua Blue Gradient

Today I have my latest nail art creation to show you!  I have lots more posts saved, but there's just so many photos to go through.  I really wanted to show you guys this mani before I left for spring break.  My family just moved and is getting things set up still, so we don't have internet at home at the moment.  I just finished my finals for the quarter, so hopefully I'll be able to get more posts up after break.

More pics and tutorial after the jump!

Anyways!  This is my gradient mani created by using 3 different shades of blue.  I used the sponging technique, in which I line up the colors I want to use on the sponge, then dab onto my nail.

This technique gets really messy, so I'd suggest using some tape around your cuticles to save you the clean up time.  I dabbed three layers on my nail to reach this opacity, and on some of the tips, I had to paint them since the polish was getting bald spots.  You can see that the gradient doesn't look that extraordinary here.

However, a layer of topcoat pulls everything together!

Since I wanted a little more pizzazz to this mani, I topped the entire thing with Pure Ice's Oh Baby!, a purple/blue/green multichrome shimmer (much like CND Effects Sapphire Sparkle).

Isn't it pretty?  I'm hoping this mani will have some good lasting power, as I am going home for spring break and won't have an opportunity to do my nails.

Thanks to Helen from Geezleweeze for the inspiration for the mani!

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