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Saturday, November 17, 2012

52WC:Week 6 - Inspired by a Game

I'm a little behind on this challenge, but I am determined to catch up and see this through to the end!  I love the different themes, and this week is inspired by a game!  I chose to be inspired by Maplestory!  While hard-core gamers may scoff at this MMORPG, this game took up a large portion of my life during middle school/early high school.  I spent probably hundreds of hours on this game and made a few high level characters before the game got heavily modified to make it easier to level (I guess due to waning interest in the game).  Here's one of them, my lovely level 131 Ice/Lightning Archmage:
Kinda fugly now, but high level equips generally are.
On the thumb is an orange mushroom, one of the harder monsters a noob can encounter.  On the middle finger are maple leaves, iconic of the game.  And on the pinky is a green slime (cute little monsters, but oh so annoying), on a sparkly green and gold base.  The green and gold base represent the forest of Ellinia, where these slimes are often found.

For the thumb, middle, and pinky nails, I used a combination of striping brushes and dotting tools to create the pictures.  The clouds on the index finger were made with a dotting tool, and the gradient on the ring finger was done with a makeup sponge.

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