Very Denniee Nails :): 128-131. Sally Hansen - Sorbet, Sky, Sea, Whisper

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

128-131. Sally Hansen - Sorbet, Sky, Sea, Whisper

Hey lovelies!  Today I'll be showing you some polishes from the Sally Hansen Smooth & Perfect line.  I got these polishes on clearance at a Walgreens one day.  I suppose they were clearing out room for new stock.  

This line claims to fill ridges and hide imperfections, as well as promote healthier nails with ingredients such as ginseng. camelia oil, and lotus.  While I can't say much towards the claim about healthy nails, I can admit they do hide ridges and imperfections.  However, each of these polishes are at least 3 coats (in some cases, 4); with that many coats, any polish can hide ridges and imperfections.  Each of these polishes are a pastel color with a hidden (or not so hidden) shimmer.  I would call their finish pearly, rather than shimmer.

First up is Sky, a pale baby blue with shimmer.  The color of this polish is lovely and the shimmer in this polish is plentiful, giving an especially pearly appearance to this blue.  It's a little bit too pearly for me though.  I can also see some brushstrokes from my application, so not exactly a favorite of mine.

Next up is Whisper, a pale lilac polish.  It's a bit too pink for my liking, but a perfectly soft and girly color.  The shimmer in this one was less apparent, but the formula was a bit more sheer.  I believe this is 4 coats.

This lovely color here is Sea, a very very pale minty green.  I actually really like this color, despite the lobster hands it gives me.  As you can see, the shimmer in this one is also a little less noticeable.

Last is Sorbet, a peachy polish with a very (very!) subtle shimmer. The shimmer only comes out in direct lighting though, so it looks like a cream in normal indoors lighting.  The coverage leaves a little bit to be desired.  At 3 coats, there is still some VNL.  However, today I have nubbins, so the VNL is not visible.  You definitely need 3 coats for this color though.  At two, the color was still streaky.  I like how the color almost blends into my skin tone.  It looks very squishy and yummy!

I had doubts about all these polishes and how I would like them, but surprisingly I'm going to keep Sorbet and Sea.  I love the colors of those two (I swear, peach and mint are my colors this year).  The other two, I think I'm going to give away though.

Each of these polishes had a lovely consistency, not too watery, but not thick either.  I did not experience any dragging, and application was a breeze (aside from the fact that I had to apply 3+ coats).  With my short nails, opacity wasn't a problem, but I could imagine more VNL with longer nails.  All of these swatches are without topcoat, so they indeed dry nice and smooth and shiny.

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