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Saturday, March 16, 2013

138. Color Club - Kismet

Hey guys!  Since St. Patties' Day is tomorrow, I figured I'd at least show you a green holo :)  I've had green polishes on all week, but I haven't had a chance to look over the photos yet.  *sigh* Finals week we meet again...

Kismet is a lovely sage green holo.  Kismet is one of the new Halo Hues, and I'm so glad the second set has more variety in colors.  The first set just had too much pink, IMO.  I absolutely love the base color of this polish; it's perfect for spring!  I think the holo in this polish is a little bit weaker than the other ones from the 2013 set, but you can see in the following pictures that it's still pretty strong, especially in daylight :D

This is under indirect lighting.  The actual polish looks less silvery and more warm-toned.

This was 2 nice coats of Kismet.  No topcoat.  No clean up too!  I love holos and I'm glad the sun's out to play :)

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