Very Denniee Nails :): 142-144 - Triple Threat Halo Hues

Friday, March 22, 2013

142-144 - Triple Threat Halo Hues

Today's a triple threat post!  Since I missed the last 2 days of posting due to post-finals exhaustion, I figured I'd just give everyone a little more eye candy :)  For a full description and more pictures, read after the jump!

First up is Miss Bliss.  Pinks aren't my favorite color, but I snatched up every color in the Halo Hues line because I wanted to see what the collection was like.  Miss Bliss is a very saturated magenta polish.  It's perfectly girly and eye-catching!  This is just about a one-coater here!

The next two polishes are some of my favorites in the collection.  The one pictured below is Cherubic, a nude holo.  It kind of reminds me of Love Em Leave Em (also by Color Club), but with a much stronger effect.  I really love nude polishes with a little something extra.  They just look so clean, and they're work-safe color without being boring :)

Lastly is Cosmic Fate, a coral-toned orange.  I absolutely LOVE this one.  I really like coral polishes and how they look on my skin, and this one is the best!  And if you look at the pictures below, the holo effect is absolutely stunning!  I forsee this one being used a lot more during the summer months :)

All of these pictures were 2 coats.  As with all of the other Halo Hues, these were a dream to apply, no special base coat needed, no patchiness or dulling with topcoat!

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