Very Denniee Nails :): 2. Sally Hansen Diamond Strength - 22 Forever Lilac

Monday, January 23, 2012

2. Sally Hansen Diamond Strength - 22 Forever Lilac

Forever lilac is a foily, shimmery light purple/pink color (dare i say...lilac?).  It has the same shimmer in it that SH Black Diamond has, with the purple/teal flashes in the shimmer.  Obviously, the purple shimmer is not as apparent, since it's similar to the base color.  This could be worn on it's own at 1 coat, provided you have nice, unstained, nails, or if you just like that kind of thing.  at 1 coat it's sheer, yet the color is fairly even, not streaky.  it kind of reminds me of fairies and sugarplums.

I gave up at 3 coats.  I just can't do anymore than that.  I just don't do sheers.  Give me bright, bold, opaque colors anyday!  At 3 coats, opacity is acceptable, but could be better with 4.  This color is just  On the nail, it's a lot more pink than it appears in the bottle.  It dries really shiny, and the shimmer adds a little something special.  It's not a bad color for my skin, actually; it's just strange because it's pink.  So very girly.  I think I like it better at one coat; it's very delicate looking and kind of whimsical.

I don't really like the pictures I took of this polish either.  That's why there's so few of them.  I also tried this polish with matte topcoat, and it just does not work.  It ends up looking frosty and lackluster.  As my housemate, ACheung said, "it looks like something a pageant mom would wear."  Ick.  After she said that, I just had to get it off.  I actually got this color for my junior prom, but I think it's time to part with it.  Maybe I'll give it to DChan, another housemate, who seems to really like this color.

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