Very Denniee Nails :): 3. Sally Hansen Diamond Strength - 05 Diamonds

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

3. Sally Hansen Diamond Strength - 05 Diamonds

Today, I used one coat of Diamonds over one coat of WnW's Black Creme, no topcoat.  Diamonds is a layering polish containing the same shimmers seen in Black Diamonds and Forever Lilac.  This combination ends up looking pretty much like Black Diamonds from a couple days ago, but with less depth and more apparent shimmer.  It reminds me of snow on the ground or little pricks of starlight in a dark night sky :)

This one shows off the green and purple flashes in the shimmer.  Check out that ring finger!  Pretty, isn't it? :)
(Excuse the bald spots; I was trying to apply in a rush, since I had less than an hour until I had to meet with friends :P)

Diamonds is a little bit tricky to apply.  If you just stick the brush into the polish, you just get clear polish.  So what I had to do to get enough shimmer was to pump the brush up and down inside the bottle a couple times before painting.  Despite this odd method, Diamonds is actually very packed with shimmer.  Love it!  Great for adding a little something extra to a plain cream polish.  It dries smooth, so no need to add topcoat if you're feeling lazy :)

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