Very Denniee Nails :): 5. Sally Hansen Nail Prisms - Diamond

Sunday, January 29, 2012

5. Sally Hansen Nail Prisms - Diamond

I never noticed how repetitive the SH nail polish names are. So here's Diamond, a silver linear holo. The holo effect is subtle in this on as well, nowhere nearly as IN YOUR FACE as the old OPI DS or China Glaze OMG collection, but it's there.  My god this polish was hard to photograph.  This polish is definitely more mezmerizing in real life than in the pictures taken by my merely average point-and-shoot camera.

The following pics have pretty good holo effect in them!  So pretty!

It doesn't seem like it's meant to be opaque. 2 coats got the polish to this opacity, and adding a 3rd coat seemed to make little difference in the coverage.  I didn't add topcoat, since I was afraid that it would dull the holo effect, like it did on Mandarin Garnet.  Application was smooth; no dragging or bald spots.  However, formula is a bit watery, something I've noticed with all SH polishes.  I'm learning to apply it neatly, but if you're not careful, you could easily get cuticle flooding.

I like this polish and I can't stop staring at my nails!  Definitely a keeper!  In the future, I'll probably layer it over a light grey or silver metallic polish.  On a side note, I love how the bottom of these bottles are weighted.  Good for a clumsy girl like me to avoid excess accidents.  However, the short, squat shape of the bottle makes it awkward to take pictures....

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