Very Denniee Nails :): 4. Sally Hansen Nail Prisms - Mandarin Garnet

Friday, January 27, 2012

4. Sally Hansen Nail Prisms - Mandarin Garnet

Mandarin Garnet is a pink-toned red metallic polish with a very subtle scatted holo effect.  It's really pretty and delicate-looking in the bottle.  On the nail, it looks a lot more pink than in the bottle I think.  These reds and pinks really aren't my favorite.  Right after I finished these pictures, I immediately took the polish off :(

It's not a bad polish; in fact, the formula's pretty good.  The following pics show 3 coats, topcoat only on the thumb and pointer finger.  Topcoat dulls the holo effect to the point where there's no more, so the other 3 fingers have no topcoat.  Mandarin Garnet is a lot more opaque than I thought it would be by looking at the bottle; one coat was halfway to opaque.  There's still some VNL, but I feel like this polish would be better layered anyways.  Application was pretty good, only some drag and bald spots on my right hand (since I suck at applying polish with my left hand).

The holo doesn't seem to show up at all in these pictures.  I guess it's just too subtle.  But look how sparkly the polish is!

I'm probably gonna be giving this one away too.  I got this polish (along with 4 other bottles of SH Nail Prisms) at Ross.  I was pretty happy to find them, especially since the whole line's been discontinued for a while.  Mostly, I picked up the Nail Prisms because I thought they had extra bottles of my old favorite, Lapis Amethyst.  However, I was disappointed because the color of Lapis Amethyst wasn't the same as the old bottle I had (and finished using a looooong time ago).  However, the discovery that some of the Nail Prisms I bought were holo cheered me right up!

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