Very Denniee Nails :): 45. China Glaze - Atlantis

Thursday, April 26, 2012

45. China Glaze - Atlantis

Atlantis is a gorgeous teal jelly with a chunky holo glitter in it.  If you look in the sun, this polish is actually a really chunky linear holo.  The name is really fitting, as this polish reminds me of glittering treasures submerged in deep, mysterious, tropical waters.  It's actually really sheer, and kind of accentuates the yellow in my natural nail color.  Other than that though, it's really pretty, and I think I'll really enjoy this manicure.  It's been really hot and sunny lately, and I'm sure that this polish will be a stunner in the sun this polish really shines in the sun!  It's actually a really chunky linear holo (sadly, I haven't gotten any pictures, but it's true)!!! It dries surprisingly smooth for a chunky glitter, as well as really fast.

First two coats were streaky, third evened it out, and the fourth (a thick coat) definitely added to the opacity of the polish.  Formula was good, good distribution of glitters, a little bit on the watery side.  However, I'm not really happy with this...the polish chipped only after one day of wear!  D:

Such a pretty polish...I couldn't choose just 1 or 2 pictures, so there's more...

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