Very Denniee Nails :): 71. Zoya - Wednesday

Thursday, June 14, 2012

71. Zoya - Wednesday

Hey guys!  This is Zoya Wednesday (quite fitting because I put it on Wednesday...hahah).  Wednesday is a very green-blue (more green than blue) dirty cream.  The color is kind of similar to turquoise, but with more green and grey in it.  It's a very understated, yet pretty color.  It kind of gives me lobster hands, but I love it regardless!

Formula was a bit thick.  I was surprised by this polish's formula; usually Zoya has excellent formula.  I felt like the consistency was a bit thick, and I had a lot of trouble applying the polish.  I kept getting streaks and baldspots.  I suspect that whoever used this polish last (I let a lot of people use my polishes) at the polish party probably didn't close it tight.  The polish bottle's threads (the screwy part) was also very caked with polish and someone dropped polish on the side of the bottle :( ... Oh well, I'll just add more thinner and hopefully everything is fixed :)

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