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Monday, June 4, 2012

Polish Organization: Swatchicles

 While I was building my nail polish rack, I also worked on swatchicles to pass the time.  After all, you can only watch glue dry for so long...  These aren't all my swatchicles obviously, but some of my favorites that I wanted to show you.  Right now, I have them all together in a box, and they look so pretty (not the box, but the swatchicles)!

Look at the pretty colors!  And these are just some of my creams in my favorite colors :)  Swatchicles are very useful once your collection reaches a large amount.  Making these definitely help me figure out  which polishes are dupes, what colors go good together, etc.  And looking at them definitely provides a lot of inspiration when I don't know what to do with my nails.

To make these, I bought a pack of acrylic nails from BornPrettyStore and popsicle sticks from Amazon.  I probably should have went for thinner sticks, but what's done is done.  I used hot glue to stick the tips onto the sticks (remember to wait a few seconds before putting the nail on the HOT glue...the nail will melt if you don't).  Then I painted the nails in batches, grouping by color and then brand.  After that, I wrote the polish name on one side of the stick, and the coats used on the other side. However, I found that the swatchicles required more coats than was necessary on my own nails.

My inspiration for this project came from Emily at VeryEmilyPhotography.  Go check her out; she always posts lots of great nail art, and her pictures are amazing!

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