Very Denniee Nails :): 77. Zoya - Cassi

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

77. Zoya - Cassi

Cassi is a wonderful peachy-pink creme!  As you all know, I normally don't wear pink, but the peach tones in this polish make it way more wearable for me!  It also helps that it has that gold shimmer I love so much!  I didn't like this polish so much in the bottle.  The shimmer looked like those iridescent shimmers that make polishes look more cool toned; however on the nail, the shimmer is a lovely gold that gives the polish a flattering warm tone!

Shown with Poshe topcoat.

Other swatches online indicate that this is a really sheer polish, but while I thought it was a little on the sheer side for a Zoya, it reached opacity for me in 3 coats.  However, my nails are tiny nubbins right now, so I don't have any problems with VNL obviously.

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