Very Denniee Nails :): 78. Essence - a lovely secret

Monday, July 2, 2012

78. Essence - a lovely secret

Hey guys!  Today I'm wearing "a lovely secret" (there were no capital letters on the bottle label), a blue-toned lavender with shimmer.  I was quite disappointed by this polish.  In the bottle, there is this bright flash of warm-toned purple shimmer, but it falls completely flat on the nail.  What I see is a bunch of dark specks on the base color, instead of the lovely purple shimmer that I was expecting.  Unexpectedly, the pictures show more shimmer than I see in real life (which is none).  It looks kind of like a bird's egg, and while that's a cool look, it's not really what I want in a polish.  So looks like this one's going to the swap bin!

Under diffused light, so you can see the 'specks' better.  And a slight hint of that lighter shimmer!

The polish is actually a little more blue-toned and greyed out than this.

Formula was good on this polish.  It was very easy to control, but a bit on the sheer side.  What I'm wearing is 3 coats of a lovely secret topped with Poshe.  Right now, the sheerness is kind of hard to see since my  nails are still nubbins, but if I had free edges, I'd bet that there'd be some major VNL.

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