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Thursday, July 26, 2012

NOTD: A Subtle Sparkle

So this is definitely not a combination I'd usually think of, but the other night, me and some other DRD ladies (+Patrick) had a nail night.  I tried to do a purple nail for the 30DC, but it kinda flopped.  So I went for something easy, a gold foil.  However, I can't just leave it at that.  So I look at what colors the other ladies have out, and I see Shine of the Times, and I thought, "why not?"

Glad I decided to layer these, it looks pretty damn cool!  There are little red flecks subtly showing on top of the gold foil, and at some angles, it looks green.  It's a very blingy mani, but with a little something else.  I don't know if the flakes come across in the pictures, but in real life, this mani is really interesting!

Subtle red flecks

Duochrome-y :)

Look at that green flash!

Colors Used:
WNW A Show at the Palladium
Essie Shine of the Times

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