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Saturday, May 19, 2012

57. Zoya - Kotori

Kotori is a sultry smoking polish!  She's so gorgeous (I feel weird referring to a polish as a woman, but hey, all these polishes have female names).  Kotori is a mostly blue shimmer in a smoky grey (jelly?) base.  I say mostly because at certain angles you can see some random green shimmer, as well as a darker blue shimmer.  The green, sadly, doesn't show up in the pictures.  There's so much depth to this!  It's not quite a duochrome, but there's something special going on here.  I got this during the Earth day promo and I think I've found my new favorite!  It kind of reminds me of brand new, dark-wash jeans :)

Look at that duochrome-y goodness!  I actually think that the duochrome is caused by the sheer grey base, because in real life the duochrome is not that apparent.  So I don't think it's a legit duochrome.

Application was a breeze, with average drying time.  Formula's a bit thin, but that's perfect for a slightly sheer polish like this one. This is 3 coats in the pictures, but I've actually worn it with 2 coats, and it's perfectly fine that way as well.  Three coats would be best if you want intense color, two is fine if you just want a little something on your tips.

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