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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Organization Project: DIY Nail Polish Rack

Holy schnaps this project frustrated the crap out of me.  So much hard work (and a little more cash than anticipated), and it still isn't quite right.  Oh well, at least it turned out functional.  And it looks nice from far away too :)

Read about how I made this, after the jump! :D

For this rack, I used 2 pieces of plywood and 10 feet of special wood (the front holder piece there), wood glue, spray primer and paint, and a few nails.

First step was to get the wood and sand it smooth.  Cutting the wood was a hassle, since I couldn't buy the individual pieces.  So I got the Home Depot guy to cut the plywood sheet for me...and he gets a couple of the measurements slightly wrong!  NBD, right?  ....well you'll see later.

Next, I glued each shelf together.  I didn't glue the entire thing together, since it would make spray painting it a lot more difficult.  I let the glue dry overnight to completely set.

Then I spray primed all the pieces.  After 15 minutes, I spray painted everything a lovely purple.  Can't say that I did the best job, but I've never worked with spray paint before.

Now here's the difficult part (for me).  Lastly, I glued the sides onto the shelves.  Remember how the Home Depot dude cut the pieces slightly wrong?  Well here's where that shows.  The sides wouldn't fit evenly onto each shelf!  Some would fit, and others could not get good contact with the side, so the glue couldn't bond either!  And in my multiple attempts to get the shelf to fit together, I ripped off some of the spray paint T-T.  And then I resorted to nails as a support.  I splintered some wood, but in the week I've been using the rack, it hasn't fallen apart.  I consider this project a success!

Not too shabby, eh?

However, if I were to do it again, I'd probably use something other than plywood.  Jussayin.

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