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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Nail Art Mini Spam

So this weekend, a friend hosted a potluck, since it was a long weekend.  She also wanted me to bring my nail polish to paint her meticulously grown nails (they take forever to grow to non-stubbins status it seems).  What started off as a normal DRD-nomming event turned into a full-out girls' night (guys included)!
Please note that these pics not that great (they were taken on my phone camera in low light)

My manis:

 Skittles mani, because I couldn't decide what color to use...

And then add polka dots!  Because I can't leave it alone.  I need to work with my dotting tool more often.

And next is the masterpiece!  Sadly, I didn't create this, but actually a totally unexpected source: Bruce.  He knows nothing about nail polishes and gives us this?! Awesome.  And then this one manicure inspired some more Pokemon manicures, which I sadly did not get pictures of.

Do you see the Pikachu? :D

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