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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tropical Triangles

Hi everyone!  Here's some nail art for you!  I've been really busy, and I know it's almost been a week since I've last posted, but life waits for no one (I've been really busy).  Don't worry, I have lots of posts queued up for you guys :)  (Lots of fun nail art, nail projects, and swatches for everyone!)

Today's mani was inspired by Sophie at MyAwesomeBeauty.  You should go check her out, she's got some beautiful stuff there!

Excuse the dents!  Happened to hit the tips against a wall while I was getting a lamp into place.

How I did this mani was:
1. Paint the base color
2. Place striping tape in a diagonal manner (I placed it where you can see the gold peeking through)
3. Paint the bottom color (blue), trying to be careful to stay inside the bottom part
4. Paint the middle (green), again, careful to stay inside that part
5. Paint the top region (dusty lighter blue).
6. Remove tape

The reason I painted in this order was so I could possibly cover up any bits I painted out of place with the next color (it's easier to go from bottom to top).  Not the most sophisticated manner, but it works!  There are a few spots where the polish isn't quite opaque, but what can I do?  I didn't want to do multiple coats on top.  

And now here's a rarity: a shot of my right hand!  Same color scheme, but my right hand nails are little nubbins right now.  I keep almost breaking them, so I just decided to cut them.  And the previous design probably wouldn't work with such little nail space, so I decided to do something different, but still similar.  So here's a simple tape mani, using the same colors as the left hand.  I'm not used to taking pics of the opposite hand, so excuse the sub-par posing :3

I rather like this color combination, don't you?  It's a little bit brighter than Sophie's original manicure, but I think it's fitting for the season :)  The colors remind me of tropical seas and the beach (meanwhile, I've still got 2 more weeks of school...).

Colors Used:
Gold: American Apparel Gold Flash
Turquoise: Zoya Wednesday
Teal: China Glaze Shower Together
Green: OPI Green-wich Village

Stay tuned for more posts coming soon!

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