Very Denniee Nails :): Another Major Haul! Zoya Edition

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Another Major Haul! Zoya Edition

So Zoya had half off polishes for their Earth Day event, so I went and snatched up 22 (that's right, 22!) polishes.  I just had to have some of the polishes from the Surf&Beach collections, and there are a bunch of oldies that I can't find at my usual store, so I went crazy :D  Very heavy picture post coming up, read more after the jump!

Bottle pic spam! <3

From left to right:
Yummy | Kotori | Kelly

OMG Kotori looks gorgeous in its bottle!

Suvi | Edyta | Wednesday

Midori | Bevin | Zuza

Megan | Richelle | Uli

Cassi | Arizona | Myrta

Joy | Kimber | Shelby | Tiffany

Gloria | Zara | Pru

Can you guys see a common theme here?  No?  Well, if you couldn't see it from these pictures (these pictures really don't do the bottles any justice), most of them have a wonderful golden shimmer running through them!  A few of the bottles are more similar than I would have liked, but each of them are distinct in some way, which is great!

I ordered a lot of pinks, I know.  I swear, this small selection of pinks more than doubles the amount of pinks in my stash.

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