Very Denniee Nails :): 58. Zoya - Yara

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

58. Zoya - Yara

I wore Yara for DRD's banquet on Sunday!  I wore this, since I wanted something gold and green to go with my black dress (plus, the bf was wearing a green shirt, almost like the base color of this polish).  The banquet was really fun, the first formal event DRD's had in a long time!

Okay, back to the polish.  The base color of Yara is a dusty olive green.  There are gold and green glitters dispersed throughout the polish, almost looking like a glass fleck polish.  But these aren't glass flecks, and the glitter is not fine enough to be a shimmer.  I really like this polish!  It's muted, but not boring, and the gold brings a little something different to the table.  All the warm undertones are really flattering on my yellow skin :)

Zoya's formula is usually superb, and this one doesn't disappoint either.  Two beautifully smooth, opaque coats shown in this picture.  More pics after the jump!  I liked this polish way too much to choose only 2 pics!

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