Very Denniee Nails :): 102. Spoiled - Jewelry Heist

Monday, October 22, 2012

102. Spoiled - Jewelry Heist

Jewelry Heist is a predominantly mostly pink glitterbomb.  Usually I don't like wearing pink, but something about this glitter just called out to me to take it home (kind of like a cute lost puppy).  This polish is mostly pink and silver hex glitters, with tiny blue and green square glitters.

Here, I've layered Jewelry Heist over Color Club's Naughtycal Navy.  I love how the pink perfectly compliments the dark navy base, lightening the color.

The formula on Jewelry Heist was not bad.  I didn't have to use as much of a dabbing motion as I had to for Pet My Peacock.  The base polish was a little thicker, probably helping to suspend the glitter a little better.

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