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Saturday, October 13, 2012

52WC: Week 2 - Clouds of Blue

Hey guys!  Here's my mani for week 2 of Reddit's 52 week challenge!  This week the theme is blue (fun fact:  blue is the color that I have the most polish of).  I decided to do a cloud mani (courtesy of Nailside), since the sky is blue, and...yeah I'm not exactly sure why I chose this design, but I like it regardless!  The awesome thing about this technique is that it doesn't require any special nail art tools, just your plain ole' nail polish brush.

Four different colors of polish may have been can see that the polish on my thumb is wrinkling.  Even with fast-drying topcoat, this took forever to dry completely.  The final effect of this polish kind of reminds me of My Little Ponies.  No idea why. :P  Come back later for next week's challenge!

Colors used (from lightest to darkest):
Zoya Kristin
Zoya Breezi
Zoya Natty
Color Club Naughtycal Navy

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