Very Denniee Nails :): 99. Fergie - Hollywood Walk of Fame

Friday, October 19, 2012

99. Fergie - Hollywood Walk of Fame

Hollywood Walk of Fame is large, multicolored star glitters in a clear base.  The stars are silver, gold, blue, purple, and red.  The polish also has a bit of tiny silver holographic bar glitter. This is such a fun polish on the nail, but not so fun to apply.  Like Pet My Peacock, it has a very runny formula in which the glitters tend to settle.  You have to fish a lot to even get a few stars, and the runny formula means that you'll just get a drop of clear on your nail instead of a star.

These nails kind of remind me of Rainbow Dash...I've been around too many MLP watchers...

For this polish, I used a dabbing motion to place the stars.  This is shown over Bahamian Escape.

I don't think I will be keeping this polish.  I bet I could probably make a better franken (maybe). :P

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